Help build the future of medicine

​ Learn to practice medicine in a residency program built on innovation ​

Kaiser Permanente has been defining the future of medicine for nearly 75 years—and we want you to be a part of a new generation of doctors who will challenge the health care status quo. Start your journey by applying to the inaugural class of the Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States Internal Medicine Residency Program.

The mission of this three-year program is to train highly competent and compassionate physicians to practice internal medicine in a patient-centered, integrated health system that serves a very diverse population. You will learn in a technology-enabled environment that will put you at the forefront of clinical advancements and ground-breaking research—and that will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead health care into the future.

Listen to what Program Director Julie Chen has to say about how residents in the program will learn in our future-focused model of health care, and the benefits of being taught by our nationally recognized team of top doctors. ​ ​

​ The principles of our program

Commitment to excellence

Our residency program offers a premier learning environment that balances both inpatient and outpatient training for a more comprehensive educational experience. Residents will be taught and mentored by members of the highly selective Mid-Atlantic States Permanente Medical Group, one of the top medical groups in the country that has achieved recognition for quality. ​

Learner-centered model​ ​

You will get to learn in an educational setting where your training and education are the primary focus. Our faculty have the time to truly dedicate themselves to teaching, so they can provide the personalized attention each resident needs to build a solid foundation of medical knowledge. Mentors are also assigned to each resident upon matriculation, and are readily available to provide support and guidance. ​ ​

Focus on patients ​ ​

Our program will provide outstanding training that aligns with the values of patient-centered care, including respect for patient preferences, emotional support, and care continuity. Our integrated system—which combines quality health care with an award-winning health plan—streamlines operations for our doctors, relieving them of unnecessary administrative tasks. This allows our physicians and residents to keep the focus on our patients’ care in order to deliver the best possible outcomes. ​

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