Our internal medicine residency program empowers our residents to focus on their personal well-being by:

  1. Helping them develop the skills to neutralize stress, prevent burnout, and combat fatigue

  2. Promoting self-care: emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual.

  3. Creating a nurturing learning environment that fosters lifelong learning, professional fulfillment, and passion in medicine

Kaiser Permanente

  • Physician-led wellness group, organized conferences, and social gatherings to promote community
  • Strategic use of technology to optimize efficiency and communication between specialties
  • Clinical workflow and process improvements to reduce clinical and administrative burdens

Residency Program

  • Nurturing, resident-centered learning environment with balanced duty hours and workloads

  • Resident-led wellness committee to educate about burnout, develop resiliency strategies, prevent compassion fatigue, and organize gatherings to foster camaraderie and team-building

  • Mentoring program, trauma stewardship for second victims, team building, and behavioral health resources


  • Work-life integration with self-care focus on exercise, sleep, and nutrition

  • Meditation, mindfulness, and biofeedback

  • Quarterly wellness half-days for annual doctor visits and appointments